I am a huge twilight fan that checks this site everyday for updated stories. I dream about Twilight and I thiink about Twilight everyday. I love Edward and Bella, but I can be a fan for Jacob/Bella stories too cayse I have a soft spot for fuzzy wolf boys with goofy grins. I mostly read and comment stories and I have writen a few of them myself and I have some stories that are not complete, but that my word I try to update but I just can't for some odd reason... P.S. I'm pretty sure one of you here are Stephenie Meyer reading the fanfics and writing some for ideas for the upcoming books. So now youy know, I know!

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Bella goes to the mall Everyone 4.5/5 51 1 Yes 629
It is a happy-go-lucky tale of a time Bella and Edward go to the mall. It is completely wierd so enjoy!!! =D
Bella's last Goldfish Everyone 4.5/5 27 1 Yes 563
The journal of Bella's third goldfish. A sad, short, touching tale of a fish, as it counts it's days in the human things care.
Who Are You? Everyone 4.5/5 57 9 No 9525
Edward agreed to change Bella and it starts during the transformation. But When Bella wakes up, she forgets everything, even who she is or who Edward is. *Dramatic Musice*
Bella Fell Down a Well Everyone 4.5/5 64 3 No 2350
Everything was going Bella's way... that was untill Mike, a Kick Ball, a Bella, and a Well came into the same chapter. This is a funny, multi chaptered story writen to the best of my wild abilities.

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