Not much to say about me except that, sadly, my world is Twilight and I'm 13. I've been writing Twilight related stories since I read it, so I REALLY want to post some for people to see. I feel it's a MUCH better use of my time than starting a billion stories, getting usually around 43 pages into, then decide it was boring and give up. So, I'll stop my ranting and let you enjoy the fanfics! Check out Another! I rather like it, but please don't kill me when you read Black Heart. Of course, Etranger Angelique is my favorite! =) ~Glinda

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Etranger Angelique Everyone 5/5 47 3 No 2743
French for 'Angelic Stranger', this story is a clip from Twilight in chp.8 Port Angeles, from the hostsess's and waitress's point of view. Enjoy!
Alternate Universe Everyone 4.5/5 55 2 No 721
What if things were different? What if Bella and Charlie were the vampires, and the Cullens were just normal, nice-looking humans? Would their love still bud and blossom like a spring flower, or will Bella give into her natural instincts?
Another Everyone 4.5/5 144 9 Yes 7047
It starts out just like any other wedding fic, but Bella is in for a surprise.
Before the End Everyone 0/5 5 1 No 758
Before the End is the story of Alice before she was changed. It's more informative than it is entertaining, but I enjoyed writing it, so you'll probably enjoy reading it.

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