Evangeline Nichols

Currently at the age of 16, I have read and am enjoying the Twilight series. I have also been writing fanfiction for other books including the famous Harry Potter and Degrassi as well as a few anime shows. I guess I am here as all of you are as well.. which is to read/write fanfiction of a series that has been officially labeled my favorite. =] Enjoy <3

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Cherished Oracle Adult 4.5/5 56 6 No 8498

What is an oracle? A seer? Or just a cheap standby of psychics? Bella's graduation day is nearing, yet her terrifying dreams that involve Victoria, one who still wishes for her non-existence. Oh, and have we forgotten the demands of her turning? Yet, strange things are happening to Bella. Deep within her mind, she is developing a strange gift. Enjoy.
[This Fic is a stretch of my imagination. ]

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