ok my names kati (pronounced katie) and im 15. I absolutly love books about vampires. my faves are in this order 1.twilight series (of course) 2.marked series (THEY ARE extremely good!!!) 3. Silver kiss Yep my top 3 vamp books. i am a succer for the clasics and i love those old scary movies that are SO fake (dracula, wolfman, frankenstein, ect) and... well i really dont know wut else to put. o well. i am currently reconstructing my website so i will not put that on there rite now. Good news everybody. I've fixed the problem with the story so i'll be updating today or tomorow. ok if anyone has any questions about the story my yahoo is Cullenboyz08. Look for the next 2 chapters soon

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Destino Bella Cosa Everyone 4.5/5 8 1 No 1812
Just What I think will happen in Breaking Dawn. My very first fanfic so R&R and tell me if you like it.

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