Hey everybody! My name is Nikki, and I am Twilight obsessed. (Does this sound too much like an AA meeting?) I just turned 20, and I am a senior in college so that I can become a counselor who writes in her spare time. Fanfiction is not my only writing base. I love writing period, and I will never give it up. I love books, old movies (like Hitchcock films, mmm...) musicals, and reading. Please message me if you like. I love to chat with people.

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Mary's Alice Everyone 5/5 7 1 Yes 5472
Alice went from treasured to institutionalized. Why did it happen, how? Her mother knows. Sometimes, things are easy to justify, even the horrible decisions that can take life away. This is Alice, from Mary's POV, through the years. Canon oneshot.
Desperate Teen 5/5 8 8 No 9626
Rosalie's actions in Breaking Dawn are considered atrocious by some. But how would they react if they truly understood her motives? This is Rosalie's chance to tell her story. Warning: while the first two chapters can stand on their own, without spoilers, the rest of the fic will have major Breaking Dawn Spoilers.

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