My life is basically revolved around Edward Cullen! I abolutely love him and I hate that Bella has him!! O by the way, me and all of my friends have OCD W/ EAMC!!!!! (obbsessive cumpilsive disorder with Edward Anthony Masen Cullen!!! :) besides EDWARD, i love swimming. i am a pretty good swimmer, u know, just normal. im not amazing though. u prob wont see me at the olympics. also, if u like TWILIGHT (well of courser u do! y else would u be on this site???????) another good series it THE VAMPIRE DIARIES! they r really good but they r more horrifying than twilight. ~Payton

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Edward and Bella are finally married. Bella is finally changed. Victoria is dead. Nothing bad can happen now. Right? Okay so after thinking for a while i think i am not going to continue this story. If you are a writer, then you will understand it when i say i just can't make the characters and story agree. I am working on another story right now and i'll probably submit it in a few weeks/months. I don't know. I'm sorry but i just can't continue this story anymore. On the plus side, my new story is called Renesmee's Ribbon. Look out for it soon!!!!!

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