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Happily Ever Never? Teen 4.5/5 207 11 Yes 11795
Bella never jumped off the cliff. Edward and the Cullens never came back until 100 years later, but the Cullen's are not the only vampires in Forks. What happens when they meet the one person they knew they would never see again? Will Edward finally get his happily ever after?
I'm putting this here so I don't get another review that says, " Is there going to be a sequal?"yes there is, I don't know when, but yes, probally two more tories like this.
First Time: Lifehouse SongFic Everyone 4.5/5 2 1 Yes 587
A SongFic about how Edward felt when he met Bella and during the Begining of their relationship.
The Best Part Teen 5/5 34 1 Yes 813
What's better than Edward with icing?
Paris' Chance Everyone 4.5/5 15 1 No 721
Bella never Jumped. No one came back. It's just been Jacob and Bella. But with Romeo gone will Paris get his chance?

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