bonjour ♥ my name is abbie & i am fourteen years old & a lovely little freshman. i recently became addicted to the twilight series (yeah, like, the last week of february 08 because my best friend said she would disown me if i didnt read them). i love to read and write, and this is the first twilight fanfic site i have joined. before this, i have only ever been on harry potter fan fiction, but i fell in love with these books. i hope to post a few stories once ispiration strikes :) i never actually started writing fanfictions until probably around november of 07, i got my first writing experience from papers in lit class (haha) & being active on RPG's for about two years. i don't RP much anymore, though, because writing fanfics has definetly caught my eye & they are so much fine to write, basically because i have no purely original story ideas of my own besides being an avid reader and writer, i love summer & the beach & warm weather, although i am constantly surrounded by snow :( oh well. i like greek mythology & chinese food & art & yeah, that about sums up abbie. pretty boring. feel free to email me and such if you have any questions, and please read & review my stories (even though as i type this, i have none posted...)

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"Within a week of the first words passing between us, I knew several things: One, she was incredibly stubborn, curious, and no matter how many questions I answered for her, it would never be enough. Two, I was just as stubborn and curious, and although I pressed her with constant questions, most of them considered to be pointless, I couldn’t imagine ever stopping. And three, I was an entirely different person without her near me." my first twilight series fanfiction. please read&review. one-shot, my lovelies.

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