I live in Atlanta, Georgia just outside Decatur. I'm sixteen and drive a 1988 Dodge Dakota (for non car savvy people, its a truck). I'm a dancer and i'm totally obsessed with dance and the Twilight series. Me and my friends Sam and Madeline are finaticks, so i decided i would be a nerd and create a username for a fansite. I got bored one day and started writing and came up with some stuff and i wanted to post it. So it will be posted soon. Ok i wonder how many times each person on this site has read Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse/Breaking Dawn?? Well i know ive read each of them five times or more. But Sam (whom i mentioned earlier) has read them each over twenty times. I'm still trying to catch up! Just a heads up for all you users that do read bio's of reviewers, my favorite book is New Moon. I know, it's the most widely hated book in the series, but Jacob Black make my life with his sexxinezz, so don't hate, appreciate. So in a review i may be biased toward Jacob than others. Don't be mistaken, I was totally for Bella staying with Edward, I just want Jacob for myself!

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Perfect Shade of Lipstick Teen 5/5 24 8 No 11505
"Do you know what makes the best shade of lipstick?" Has nothing to do with the Cullens. 1204741731_red-spangle-lips.jpg picture by Babe7777 Banner made by the wonderfully amazing Emmett_Lover (!) UNDER RECONSTRUCTION! I've been re-working a LOt of it, in my head, so I will be changing things, some major some not so much. I reccomend re-reading once I re post the chapters. (Chapter 1 is new)

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