Eternity Bites

Hello my name is Kelsee. I'm your average unaverage teenage girl. I love reading pretty much anything, I enjoy writing, sometimes I like shopping, I love watching movies, and hanging out with my family and friends. I was 'bitten' middle of January '08 when I was at my friends house. She was playing Halo and I didn't want to, so she threw her copy of twilight at me. By the time I was on chapter two I had exclaimed that I was buying all three books. I love Edward (Duhh, pretty much everyone does), but I also love Emmett. He's just so fun and adds some comedy to the books and fanfictions. Alice is my favorite girl vamp (obvisiously). She reminds me of an ex-friend I once had. I am currently working on Thank you for the Venom. I haven't updated in awhile but I have been incredibly busy and I sort of lost interest. I'm trying to get back on track thought. Please review and feel free to tell me what y'all think ^^. Have a nice day.

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Bella Finally Accepts Teen 5/5 69 6 Yes 6033
One weekend when Edward and the rest of the Cullens go 'camping' Bella is left with nothing to do until Mike asks her out. What will Edward do when he finds out? What disasterous thing could happen to Bella? Also, Note the Teen Rating.
Downward Dog Everyone 5/5 16 1 Yes 1276
Pre-Twilight A fun little one-shot of the Cullen's going to a yoga class.
Thank you for the Venom Everyone 5/5 148 13 No 14613
Starts at Ch. 17 of New Moon. What if it hadn't been Alice who was waiting for Bella, but someone else? Banner made by me ^^ What do you think? Sanstitre-1-1.jpg thank you for the venom picture by misunder

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