I love Twilight. I'm a 12 year old with the same birthday as Edward, June 20th. I have a strong disliking of Jacob and have quite a bit in common with Edward ( Music lover, piano player, reddish brown hair, overreactors...). I love Bella. She doesn't quite fit in, like me.

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His Best Friend Everyone 4.5/5 9 3 No 2043
What if, during (human) life, Edward had had a best friend? A girl best friend, never more than a sister, but still there. What if he had thought that she was dead for almost 90 years? And what if he found her just when he needed her the most? Chapter 3 is up!!

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His Best Friend 0/5 0 0
Edward is in Chicago, the place of his birth, after leaving his true love. As his deppression worsens, he runs across a young woman. A young woman that he thought was dead for almost 90 years. A woman who could turn his life upside-down -- again.