I have been around Fan Fictions probably too long starting at the beginning of the Harry Potter fandom life. I went through the period of endlessly beta-ing authors, working on sites, and everything else that comes with being obsessed with a story. However, after a long period of being obsessed with Harry Potter and the end of the series as I have always new it, I decided to read "new" young adult literature (young adult literature is not usually my "cup of tea"), and as soon as I read Twilight, I was pulled back into the world of fanfictions and internet fandom. I tend to write fanfictions periodically. I have written to many Harry Potter fanfictions in the past. I usually just write for myself. I get this voice in my head, and I just need to make it stop, so I write. I tend to go in periods of writing nonstop for hours on end and then nothing for a week. Even though I love to write, I love to read fanfiction probably even more. I love to read fanfictions and review. I love to really share with the author what I am thinking. Sometimes I do say too much, so if I offend you, please let me know. Please, let me know. I just actually really, really like reviewing and making them detailed. It is just a pastime of mine, I suppose. :) If you do need a beta, let me know. I will probably be happy to do anything I can to help you. Pet Peeves of Fanfictions: OOC, lack of creativity, terrible grammar If you are bored or need someone to throw ideas off of, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will try to help in anyway possible. I do mean that. Have a great and blessed day. ~Twirl

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