My name is Kaylee. I am a Twilight-aholic and a feedback junkie. *Chorus of, "Hi, Kaylee"* I got into Twilight because of two of my friends. I have successfully gotten another of my friends hooked on the books. I've also gotten her addicted to fanfiction and feedback. Ah, the webs I weave. I don't have nearly as many Twilight fanfics as I do for my other fandoms, mostly because I find it's harder to write about books than about movies or TV shows. TV shows, in my opinion, if you have one that's very, very, important to you, are easy to write about. But that's just me. So, since you're here, you ought to read my stuff. Really. It's probably not the worst thing you've ever read, and I generally write short stories. So, since it takes so little time to read, why don't you review? Really. It's not that hard and it makes my day. I am not a feedback junkie and Twilight-aholic for nothing.

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Abandonment Everyone 5/5 2 1 Yes 495
A short one shot about Edward leaving Bella. Alive's POV.

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