Professional author and history professor who moonlights in fanfic, Minisinoo wrote in X-Men for 6 years before moving to Harry Potter, where she's been active since 2006, and now, she's dipping her toe into Twilight. She has a particular fondness for Cedric Diggory, so he tends to find his way into a lot of her stories (dead or alive) ... which probably explains how she came to Twilight, given Rob Pattinson is playing Edward. But even more than that, Edward (the character) reminds her of Cedric (the character) -- regardless of the actor embodying them. She's also very fond of the Cullens more generally. Ironically, Min is an American Indian, so it's a bit funny that it's the vampires, not the werewolves, who interest her. Maybe it's that NDN stuff is too familiar. But she still likes Jacob just fine ... although she thinks Meyers Indians need a little more frybread. ;>

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