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I am a Twilight obsessed teen, what can i say. i am mad at stephenie for the way she handled the Midnight Sun problem... and breaking dawn wasnt that great... sorry to anywho liked it. i am hyper, and my friends are most important to me. Call me nay :] I would love to make you a banner if you want one :)Twilight:9New Moon: 7Eclipse:3Breaking Dawn: 1 Update: 8/6/08 i have the best co-author, xoxoROSEPETALSxoxo, helping me with our new story Volturi Challenge. Please read and review. :) i am soooo sorry it is taking forever for me to write the next chapter in our story, i promise i will soon :] nay Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

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Fate Won't Let You Down Everyone 5/5 11 1 Yes 814
Bella is walking down the aisle to get married, when disaster strikes... whats this? over 120 read and 2 reviews... i see a problem....Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

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