Hey... Obviously if ya'll are reading this you are at least as obsessed with the Twilight Series as I am. I usually at least read each of the books once a month...at least...yeah, obsessed. But seriously, Edward just seems so hott! Ugh!! Except for in the movie...eww!! Yeah, if ya'll haven't looked at stepheniemeyer.com lately, you need to!!! I totally think Edward should have been played by the guy in Kyle XY, a TV series on ABC...I don't know if ya'll have seen him, but his name is Matt Dallas, he is totally pale, as is Edward, ripped with massive abs, his eyes are gorgeous, and he plays a sweet, sensitive/mean role when he has to so well!!! Total Edward inside and out!!! HOTT!!!Copy and paste the link bellow this into your toolbar and check him out...give me your opinions sometime... With the love that bonds Edward and Bella, Lookin4MyEdward http://img81.imageshack.us/img81/7374/10fwe8.jpg

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