Hey! So I'm Molly! I am absolutely obsessed with Twilight and all of Stephenie Meyer's works! I liked Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse better than the Host and I like Twilight better than I like New Moon or Eclipse. I am excited about Breaking Dawn, but there are some things I really hope won't happen. See, I think it might be a given Bella's going to get pregnant and be really powerful so the Volturi want her, the Volturi part is fine by me, but I really hope the pregnant part isn't! I also hope Edward doesn't lose control when they Do It, because I would feel super embarrassed for Bella and then Edward would be all angry at himself. I am also exicted about Midnight Sun which will be amazing! But i know it won't come out for a while, seeing as Stephanie Meyer's less than half way through, nad it hasn't even been edited yet. Although, she says it has exceeded 300 pages . . . So I am looking forward to it!

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The New One Teen 4.5/5 110 7 No 4927
Okay, after New Moon, Bella was changed into the vampire by te volturi, and becomes the Volturi Princess? Edward has remarried a girl called Tara, so what will happen when Edward meets Bella at her 100th brithday party? There's a giant twist.
Will It Ever Stop? Teen 5/5 34 4 No 2237
Edward did not come back in New Moon. Bella is alone and Charlie wants her to get over Edward. To do this she knows she must go to their house. And there she finds a vampire who wants her in his coven. Will she and Edward ever meet again? Read to find out.
Can It Be? Everyone 4.5/5 89 1 No 710
Bella, Esme, Rose and Alice are one coven. Emmet, Carlisle, Edward and Jasper are another. What happens when they meet? Thanks for the banner, iheartedwardcullen
All Alone Everyone 5/5 74 5 No 6038
Charlie, Renee, any blood relations to Bella have died. However, Bella had a step mother - her name was Victoria. After Charlie dies, Victoria becomes abusive. She knows that one day, Victoria will kill her. But what will happen when the Cullens show up? They are vampires by the way, so is Victoria. But everyone had absolutely perfect self control and Edward is not affected by Bella's blood singing to him AllAlone.jpg picture by Weasleyboyfreak
Chances Come But Will Chances Come Again? Everyone 4/5 18 1 No 1194
Edward left Bella for the second time 27 years ago. What he didn't know was that Bella was pregnant with two twins. Shortly after the twins birth, Bella becomes a vampire, changed by Victoria. But, could they meet again?
Dead Inside Adult 3.7/5 79 4 No 2664
Charlie absolutely hates Edward and Bella. He's become abusive. Bella has had to break up with Edward or else Charlie will kill her and her mom. Now, none of the Cullens will speak to her or even look except to give her glares. Edward never glares, but he never looks either. Both or their lives are terrible, both are missing their soul mate, their other half, but Bella can't tell anyone about Charlie. So what will happen?
Daddy's Little Girl Teen 4.5/5 51 4 No 3267
Bella is Carlisle's daughter in the 1700s. One night, Carlisle doesn't come back from his hunt to take down the vampires. Bella is forced into a marriage with a man who becomes abusive. One night, a year after Carlisle bacame a vampire, her husband nearly kills her and she is left out on the streets, where she is changed. So, what will happen? Will she meet her dad? And will he have another family when she finally meets him?
Water's Daughter Teen 5/5 44 2 No 1691
Bella Swan has a secret, one she's hidden for all her life. See, Bella is a mermaid, and a very powerful one too. Edward Cullen and his family too, have a secret. They're vampires, who hunt animals. What will happen when they meet?
I Will Always Love You Teen 4.5/5 2 2 No 246
Really just some poems I decided to write that take place throughout the series.
Without Her Teen 5/5 5 1 No 1133
Do you ever wonder just what the Cullens' were thinking of throughout New Moon? Here's my interpetation of what I would think they thought.
Broken Forever? Teen 4.5/5 29 2 No 2051
Bella Swan has a secret, one that is breaking her inside. One that causes her pain to think about, and worry. One that she cannot reveal to anyone, and continues to break her heart each second. When she moves back to Forks to 'spend time with Charlie and Emmet' her family, and 'to see her old friends - Alice, Rosalie, Jasper and Edward'- she is still unhappy, still not revealing her secret. They can tell there is something different, something wrong, but what is it?ALL HUMAN.
Pranks, Gossip, Everything Really Teen 5/5 36 2 No 2486
The Cullen’s and Bella decide to play a series of games – 10 fingers, truth or dare, all sorts. Why does Jasper have a donkey? Is Edward wearing a map? Why is Alice wearing clothes from Asda that don’t match? Why is Emmet in big trouble with Rosalie? And, is Rose making out with that guy? Read to find out way more funny things! PS: BELLA IS A VAMPIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PPS: PLEASE REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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