she's a girl with a secret passion for forbidden loves across cults. which practically says bella x edward, bella x jacob. broken heartsshe loves writing the stories for them and unsung heroesare who she secretly pines for. even if they're bad. <3 viv

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18 Shades of Grey Adult 4.5/5 62 3 No 5693
[post-eclipse] Bella and Edward's wedding has finally come, and yet, Bella's having difficulties facing the loss of life and age. More than anything, she wishes that Edward could somehow grow old with her, though she'd rather live with her love than lose him. However, on the night of their wedding - after one last human experience is taken - Bella's transformation goes horribly wrong. Frightened for her sanity, the Cullen family abduct the savage new vampire. How will Edward's already fraying heart cope with his bloodthirsty new wife? Will Jacob Black ever return for the girl he loved - or once loved? And one question remains: Can a vampire ever have a child? *CHAPTER TWO IS UP!* [R&R please] banner by me!

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