Okay, so I apologize to anyone who read any of my stories, three years ago. I honestly forgot about writing. I think I'm going to get back into it. If anyone is still interested, I apologize profusely!!! I'm keeping the old bio information because I honestly think It's a little funny. Give me time and I will try to get my stories updated and running again. ------------------------------- I love Twilight. I have every detail of everything memorized. I love easy mac. I love reading and writing. And, I love cookies! I'm also a big fan in Jacob. Though I want Edward and Bella together, I really want Jacob to do something big in Breaking Dawn, to get people (a.k.a jacob haters) frustrated. Smile. It makes the world go round, in all the write ways. :D ****I get confused very easily. If I press a button by accident, and well I add something to your series or do some other odd who-knows-what this is why..**** Go Jasper! I love you Emmett! :) I am working on the three down there. I'm not sure if there are going to be any sequels. Band=Life. Always. Music is a big part of my life, an not just band. The Maine are probably one of my most favorite bands. MySpace.com/Katlynnnjustin4eva Myspace me. It works. Ignore the URL. Hehe. Myspace.com/themaine Do it. :) You won't regret it. Any and all music makes me happy. I like a good Edward/Bella Or Jacob/Bella story, but those are slightly over done. Emmett and jasper are my homie v's. (Vampires) Jake and Sam are my Homie D's. (Dogs) Not alot more I think I can put on here. 15 and a freshy in high school. All honors classes and band take up a lot of time...**

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Twisted Backwards Teen 5/5 13 4 No 4731
Edward's changing. But how? Rose leaves? Bella has finally gotten under her granite skin. Jacob won't give up without a fight. No one will be the same in the end.
What Never Happened Teen 4.5/5 20 3 No 2881
Bella falls, never fell for Eddie. Totally different couple here. Haven't read one of these yet..
It Wasn't Him In Biology Everyone 5/5 48 5 No 6968
That's right. It never was Edward in her Biology class. Someone funnier, bigger, and certaintly louder.

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