Hi, My name is Michelle and I live in boring old Maryland. I actually just started reading Twilight in December, but I've read all the books so far and I'm absoluetly in love with them! Besides me being a huge fan. I am a junior and I love cheerleading. My team is second in the state, and has been first in the states last year. Cheerleading and twilight= life! A friend of mine has convinced me to write a fanfic and you know what, what the heck. why not? Right now, i'll just be writing short funny fanfics because when i look around the archives, I haven't really found any good funny ones yet. So, I hope you like it.

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Card games at the Cullens Everyone 5/5 26 3 No 5315
It is game night at the Cullen's and when Bella is thrown in the mix, we find out if she's really part of the family. It’s a comedy for everyone.
Halloween with the Cullens Everyone 4.5/5 12 1 No 5493
Have you ever wondered why Stephanie Meyers never mentioned Halloween? Well I have and here's my version of what Halloween would be like with the Cullen's. Please review! P.S also check out my story Card games at the Cullens
Rock Band with The Cullen's Everyone 5/5 45 4 No 8348
Ever wonder what would happen if Emmett got a hold of Rock Band?

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