Hi, my name is Sam and I'm from London, in England. I'm 20 so i know that's a lil bit old to be obsessed with Fan Fiction, but really I'm obsessed with the Twilight series and this site is controlling my thirst for the new Ok here's a lil bit about me: I have a boyfriend who i have been with for 3years- he's my Edward. He is incredibly sweet, protective (even though i don't need it), keeps buying me expensive gifts even though i don't need them and i beg him to stop (although he did buy me the computer I'm writing on now for I really did need it though in my defense! My old one was broken), he's 22 so he's not as old as Edward but he is I'm in my second year of Uni, studying for an English literature degree (I'm better at analyzing than writing- rest and i want to go into publishing when i finish it. The things i love for relaxing in life are: Musical's-I go to the theater a lot. Books: I tend to read a lot of paranormal romance's like J.R Ward- brilliant writer and S. Kenyon's books- she is also an amazing writer. Films: I love to curl up with popcorn and watch a good film. It's hard to pick a favourite though because i love all sorts. I love super hero films with all the action, i love horror's because it get your adreniline pumping, but i adore the classic girly films: Grease 1&2, Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman and of course Beaches. I'm an ony child, so i don't have any brother's or sister's but I'm extremely close with my parents. I'm especially close to my mum; she's my best friend. We can talk about anything- she's a wonderful woman, i wish everyone in the world could know Sorry, I'm gushing a I think that's basically it. If anyone wants to chat or has any questions about lil old me, PM Sam xxx Hi, just wanted to add a lil note that ive been trying to update my stories but for some reason the chapters are being rejected. if anyone wants to know where you can read the completed stories, email me or read my response' to reviews. i have the details listed on the reviews page!

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What Happens Now? Teen 4.5/5 17 1 No 958
When Edward left Bella in New Moon something happened with Alice he'd rather not discuss...Now the truth is out.Will Bella and Edward sort it out or will her & Jasper get closer through the pain?

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