I adore Twilight like my friends do. So, I started a couple fanfics but I am a terrible writer with no imagination and determination. Right now, I'm sort of at a writer's block so be patient. I can't think of anything to write without ending them early so I type somehting then hate it and delete it. Waiting for the right words...

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Mistakes Teen 4.5/5 6 2 No 1654
Bella finds a new face in Forks, but this one girl can hurt the Cullens so much. While Carlisle is trying to figure her out, she has secrets that could kill Bella. DISCLAIMER: I OWN NOTHING EXCEPT FOR OLIVIA AND HER MATE. ALL THE CULLENS ARE STEPHENIE MEYER'S THOUGH I WISH I COULD HAVE THEM.
Falling Back in Time Teen 5/5 14 2 No 1647
Bella disappeared 68 years ago without a trace. She always hoped for the Cullens to come and rescue her because she can't escape on her own. Where is she? How could she have left without a trace? The Cullens eventually gave up 52 years after she disappeared. Why would they give up? Edward is about to give up on everything and wants to die, like before. Will Bella be there to save him again? Will she be too late?

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