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Stories; There is Nothing Sane About Love- Renee goes insane when Bella dies, she goes on a 'quest' to advenge her daughter by killing the only man Bella ever loved. Of Fire and Ice- Jacob Imprints, only someone else has there eyes on the girl as well. Blue Moon- Jacob Imprints on a sprite, he will do anything for her. But the sprite Cannot love him back and her past returns to huant her....

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Of Fire and Ice Teen 5/5 9 3 No 3026

Bella left Jacob, what else matters? When your sun has gone away and all thats left is you, a shell of being. If you could call it that. Then she appears, nothing else matters. And when something theatens her you will do everything in your power to save her. Anything. Even if it means sacifing your past. Create your own banner at!

There is Nothing Sane About Love Teen 5/5 5 3 No 1536
Isabella, my only Daughter. There was nothing left to her. Nothing. She was barely alive, a zombie. That was before she jumped. At least then she was moving, breathing, talking. My only daughter’s life is gone. I know why. And I will do anything to avenge her. Anything. This is Renée’s story

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