I love to read especially twilight. I have been coming to this site for a couple months. Thanks to the help of BeckaSwan, invisibellepoet, & edward1andonly i have been able to create a pen name. Favorite series: twilight, new moon, and eclipse, breaking dawn( WELL DUHH!) the host (it rocks) midnighters, uglies, pretties and specials Favorite music: paramore, evenecense, boys like girls, veronicas, lil jon, young berg, akon, usher, mario, chris brown, rihanana, beyonce & many more. I havent been able to come onto this site for a long time because i had to do some summer reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss reading fanfiction and im happy to be back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have started school already and im going to be really busy really soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So im probably not going to be online as much as i want to but thats okay!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait for the premeir of twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im going to watch the midnight showing w my frendz even if it is on a skol nite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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