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Stories Written (12)

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Charlie's Request Adult 5/5 121 12 Yes 9509
This is a fanfiction told from Edward's point of view. What if Charlie found out about the Cullen family secret? What would his actions and reactions be to this shocking realization? The adult rating is just a precaution for future chapters, the chapter notes will tell the separate chapter ratings!!!
Karaoke Adult 5/5 15 3 Yes 3552
This one-shot fanfiction takes place during Edward, Bella, and Alice's graduation party. This fanfiction was formerly titled I Don't Want to Miss a Thing; I've changed it due to additional chapters!!! If you read this, please enjoy!!!
My Version of The End Teen 5/5 28 7 Yes 9189
This is my version of Chapter 3: The End, in New Moon!!! I decided to make Bella more stubborn than usual!!!
Bella's Meadow Mishap Teen 5/5 28 3 Yes 3811
A twist to what happened when Bella found Edward's meadow and saw Laurent!!!
Alices Vision: Rewrite Teen 4.5/5 12 2 Yes 3741
With the permission of Akasha 101, I have rewritten the fanfiction "Alices Vision" by said author in order to give it a happy ending!!! You need to read the original fanfiction to understand the rewrite!!! I give credit and thanks to Akasha 101 for letting me rewrite her work! I hope you enjoy my version of a great, but sad story!!!
Florida Visist Teen 5/5 10 1 Yes 725
Stephenie Meyer doesn't tell about what goes on at Renee's house when Edward and Bella go visit in Eclipse so I decided to write something for it!!!
In Between Chapters 18 and 19 Teen 4/5 5 1 Yes 828
What happens with Jacob after Breaking Dawn switches back to Bella's POV???
The Argument Teen 0/5 3 1 Yes 1281
Edward and Alice get into an argument because Edward is planning to leave Bella. Will Alice make him see reason??? Rated Teen for profanity and disturbing scenarios!!!
Emmett and Rosalie Teen 3/5 8 1 Yes 1349
My take on how Emmett and Rosalie became Emmett and Rosalie!!!! Rated Teen for profanity!!!
Bella's Decision Teen 4/5 12 2 Yes 7647
This is a type of fanfiction I thought I would NEVER write! Bella has a tough decision to make when Edward comes back a few days before Christmas! Second and final chapter is up!!!!! Sorry about the wait!!!!!!
The Cullens Voted "No"! Teen 5/5 1 2 Yes 3689
The majority vote told Bella that she would be staying human so she's taking matters into her own hands. Bella journey's back to Italy with an unexpected friend. She plans to surrender her life to keep the Cullens safe! But Aro sees a waste of potential power in her request! What will Bella do? Live forever or die for good!!!
The Sunshine Train: Alice's Pink Volkswagon, and Edward's Pep Talk Everyone 0/5 0 1 Yes 1630
This is a one-shot fanfiction of a fanifiction! The brilliant author of "The Sunshine Train" gave me permission to write these little stories! In this fanfiction I've turned around the point of view in one of the chapters in the original!

Series Written (1)

Title Rating Reviews Stories
The Sunshine Train: Fanfictions of a Fanfiction 0/5 0 0
The author of \"The Sunshine Train\" gave me permission to write fanfictions based off of her fanfiction!!! It\'s like Twilight, except Edward and Bella are already together, but Alice and Jasper are just now meeting!!!