Hello all! Emma here; I'm just a 22 year old twilight-Jasper-Edward-Emmett obsessed fangirl writing her way through life. I've recently re-started "The Truth About Heaven," my sequol to "Fall For You," a Jasper/OC fic. I love it when people read and review. It makes me try harder to make everything better for all of the readers! CHAPTER TWO OF HEAVEN IS UP! It's VERY different than my usual style, and LONG as well. I should have separated it into two, but I couldn't do that. It's been so long since I updated I felt like the readers deserved it (: Happy Reading! --Emma Hale

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Fall For You Adult 3.7/5 31 6 Yes 13050
Areana, Isabella's friend from home, moves to Forks to live with her brother. Isabella introduces her to the Cullens, and they all become fast friends. What will happen when Areana takes a liking to a certain vampire? Watch as Areana's life takes a deadly toll. CHAPTER SIX AWAITING VALIDATION!!! I decided to make Chapter Six the end of this fic. It just fit way too perfectly to pass up the oppertunity to end it that well. But, never fear, a sequol is already being written and will pick up exactly where chapter six left off. :) Photobucket Banner by me :)
The Heart of Everything Everyone 4/5 1 1 Yes 1192
Jasper Hale is the newest "vegetarian" vampire to the Cullen Clan--he is also the one with the least self control. What happens when Edward brings his human girlfriend Bella home to meet his vampire family? ****One-shot Cullen Challenge*****
Hate Me Teen 0/5 2 1 Yes 1040
It's the day of Isabella's wedding--and Jacob Black can't stop thinking about her. Every part of him, every fiber of his being longs to be with her...but how will this feeling change knowing that Bella is marrying his enemy? Songfic based on song Hate Me by Blue October.
In Plain Sight Teen 5/5 1 1 Yes 863
Lilah can't believe Jacob Black is thinking of missing Bella's wedding, his one chance to finally get some closure. If Lilah has anything to do with it, Jacob Black will be at that wedding. Pure Fluff...well, for me. Jacob/Lilah fluffy one shot. Enjoy.
The Truth About Heaven Adult 4.2/5 5 2 No 2845
After Areana's transformation, she assumes that life will be much easier now that she can be with Jasper without having to worry about him killing her. But when things go wrong and a terrible accident almost kills a loved one, will Areana and Jasper's relationship be able to handle the strain? SEQUOL TO 'FALL FOR YOU.'

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