♥I live in Illinois with my brother and parents. I love to write and swim. I am currently working on a book about witches. I love fiction books especially ones about vampires and witches. I also love to read in general. I am also obsessd with music. I wish to be an author or chef when I grow up.♥ ~DarkAngel

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Goddess or Freak? Teen 3/5 31 4 No 4832
Rembrance isn't sure if she is a goddess or freak. Her outstanding beauty and talent makes her special and interesting. But her other qualities such as purple shadow like bruises under her eyes and the pale skin makes her weird. Rembrance sets out on a quest to find out about her past and who her parents are. Now she will learn a little more about herself then she would ever wish to know. THe 5th chapter is on it's way! Mem won't be able to avoid danger for very long... Reviews are very much appreciated! GOOD OR BAD!

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