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HA HA!! LOOK AT THE BUNNY!!! So this account is for two people, me (Lena) and my younger sister, Olji. We are two completely different people, but we are both in love with the Twilight series. Sorry about the deletion, every time she tries to upload something onto her summary, it gets deleted, so let's hope the third time is the charm! Olji is two years younger than me. She likes art, her ceramics class, and animals. She hates those little wheels on the cars that keep spinning even after the car is stopped...they make her nausious. Olji's favorite color is navy blue and her favorite kind of music is oldies, especially 80s. Her favorite subject in school is science, life science. Her favorite movie is anything with Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford, or Ewan McGregor. They are hunk muffins (or at least used to be). When she grows up, she wants to be a doctor, like Carlisle. Olji's favorite character in Twilight is Jacob, (she decided to change) and her favorite book in the series is Eclipse. She used to hate Jacob, but now she is on his side. I'm going into ninth grade. I like music (I play like five different instruments, no joke, and I like to sing) and my friends. I hate it when people snap their gum and long car rides. My favorite colors are bright green and purple and blue-heck, any color really-and I don't have a favorite kind of music. My favorite part of school are fire drills and...umm...when it's over. When I grow up, I'm either going to become a tooth fairy or a professional llama herder. Haha. My favorite movie is Ferris Bueller's Day off. My favorite character is Jasper because he's so cool and has an awesome power. My favorite book in the series is Eclipse, like Olji's, but I like Jacob. I think he's misunderstood. Well....ummm i think that's it. We're both going to write stories off of this account but in the little summary thing we'll say who wrote it. Make sure you give me more reviews than Olji. Ha ha sibling rivalry! Thanks! Now that you've read our bio, check out these awesome pics!!! THEY ARE SO HILARIOUS!!!! P.S. We don't mean to be offensive. Sorry if you do feel offended, that was not the intended goal of these pictures. tast the rainbowTHEY SEE ME ROLLIN THEY HATINR.I.P.What's this?tiffyThis freakin BIG!!its a sporkOh GodMom? Dad?You're Like A SlinkyLION!!

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My Savior Teen 5/5 158 16 No 15372
Bella and Carlisle Banner Bella Swan is never far from harm's way. In fact, as soon as she arrives, disaster strikes. Fortunantley there is a doctor on scene to help. And so starts the events of a Bella Swan, and a Doctor Carlisle Cullen. *Loverly banner made by Iris. Clap for her!* *I do not own any of these characters. Stephenie Meyer does, I'm just playing with them*
Don't Look, Just Jump Teen 5/5 18 4 No 3284
Sometimes, you can't look, you just have to jump. A new girl moves into town, a strange girl, an outsider from LA. She's not happy with her new hippie mom and step-dad. She wants to be home in LA with her friends and dad, who desperately needs help. By default, she fits in with the bad asses of Forks, causing trouble and grief. She meets and befriends our Bella, whom we know so well and it begins her downard spiral into the world of mythical creatures. And nothing can stop it. .
Prized Possesion Teen 5/5 6 1 Yes 989
Jane has always been misundersood as the stoic vampire. Seemingly feeling no pain. But she's felt her share of pain, and she's finally ready to stop pretending. JANE ONE-SHOT CHALLENGE

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