So, I have never written anything that I let anyone else read...I like to write but have never had any original now I will borrow an idea and write about that because I am bored and waiting for Aug 2 so that this obsession might go away!! (It will, right??) OK, I will put a little more here... my stories...I like them, for the most part...I have a little bit of everything...except AU, I am not sure about that kind of writing, guess if a story came to me I would write it, but I doubt it... I love feedback, positive and negative, it makes me want to write mean, be honest, whatever is good for is a review... =o) I prefer Edwards POV...but I think I can do Bella pretty well--I won't do anyone else--if you have Edward you have everyone else... (Ok, I did a Charlie one...I lied...) Of course, I am emphatically Team Edward…no Switzerland here… I will always try to keep my characterizations and events to something that could happen in the actual books (i.e. no vampire babies, sorry!)…so without further ado… Ok, my other stories are still detailed below...but here is something new... Love Among the Stacksacireamos and I have collaborate on a story...and it is a good our opinion anyway! AH/AU/maybe a tiny bit OOC...and whatever other initials or acronyms you want to throw at it I guess...b/e,a/j,em/r...see I told you...oh and rated m...the fun rating... So we did it up right too...we have a cast for you and it can be found here: We will both be posting it on FANFICTION.NET (Linked below), so you can read it from either of us...we don't care which...we just hope you read! and if you don't mind...well I am not going to say it, you know what we want... :) Enjoy... or My stories: A Shadow of the Midnight Sun: this is the original...I wasn't going to write anything else...well, that didn't work out so well...but that I have my beta and am enjoying the whole thing...she is a life saver, or story saver...both... Darkest Midnight: Not my best work...I like it but it is too calm for what I was doing...I think Edward would be mad at Jasper and I will rethink that one, one day when my other story is done... Dreaming of the Breaking Dawn: hmmm...this one started out of boredom and writers block and has blossomed from there...the first 8 chapters are a little repetitive but I just wrote it how I felt I needed to, and I like it so I am not going to change it now! Anyway, I have no clue where it is going...but the fun stuff is in Chapter 9: Perfect & Chapter 10: Perfect (too) and some more fun in Chapter 13...Can't Trust Anyone in the World: After reading the first chapter of Breaking Dawn I could only think of Charlie and his was great...and this was in my truly is a one-shot...

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Darkest Midnight Everyone 0/5 3 2 No 3146
Edwards decision in New Moon - Just a couple of chapters up to the Cullens leaving.
A Shadow of the Midnight Sun Adult 3.6/5 82 16 No 38060
My take on Midnight Sun after reading Stephenie's first chapter...begining with the return from Alaska Chapter 15 posted!---- NEXT CHAPTER...PORT ANGELAS ---- Just a note: This story is getting increasingly difficult, but I will try to update regularly...Edward is just so complicated!
Dreaming of the Breaking Dawn Adult 5/5 155 19 Yes 38886
Post-eclipse; Bella and Edward and Bella's first demand. Lots of teasing, a little turn of the tables, and then...well, you will have to read it... The became much more than I originally meant for it has become a fluffy story of the last days of Bella's life in Forks.... COMPELTE
Can't Trust Anyone in This World Everyone 5/5 6 1 Yes 944
WAIT! DON'T READ THIS IF YOU DECIDED NOT TO READ THE FIRST CHAPTER OF BREAKING DAWN...IT CONTAINS SPOILY INFO... On that note, this is a conversation between Charlie and Renee and their reactions...

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