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I'm 18 and was wicked into the Harry Potter thing back in middle school. You can find my stories for Harry Potter over at fictionalley.org under the names "P. D. Yerf" and "P. D. Yerf and Riley Snave", but be warned, they're really terrible. A friend recently got me wanting to get back into the whole fanfiction world, and so it made sense to me to write about my most recent book obsession: the Twilight novels by Stephenie Meyer. I write for fun and so if you don't review it'll make me sad, but I'll survive it somehow ;D I'm currently in my first weeks of college which means that my time to write is limited. I am basically a triple major of German/History/Education, so my schedule is insane and as I'm not a completely awful person I also have friends how believe it or not enjoy spending time with me sometimes. Because of this my updates do not come very regularly, but they DO come!! Just wait and be patient and sign up to alerted for when I actually do get around to writing. Paris is my first Twilight fanfic, and I was inspired by the part in Eclipse where Jacob asks Bella if she ever thinks on what would happen if she had never gone cliff diving and Alice had never come back to Forks. Also, Edward says in New Moon that he was probably going to end up coming back to check on Bella anyways, because he wasn't doing so well off on his own as it was. What if both of these things happened, I wondered. What if Bella stayed, got together with Jacob, and then Edward came back? Those are the questions I'm trying to answer in this fic (the title comes from Stephenie Meyer's constant references to Romeo and Juliet in New Moon when Bella is considering being with Jacob for that oh-so-short time). A NOTE: I am a COMPLETE Edward/Bella person. I love Jacob to pieces, but it's clear that Edward and Bella are more than soulmates. That being said, I am also a writer and someone who likes to question how things might have been ;D

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Paris Everyone 5/5 54 15 No 37764
What if Bella had never jumped off that cliff? What if Alice had never seen her die? What if the Cullens had never had a reason to return to Forks? AU
Left Unguarded Teen 0/5 0 1 Yes 1588
What happened between Jacob and Edward in the forest? What fight went down? Missing Moment from my AU Paris between chapters 5 and 6. Read Paris first, please!

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