Hi my name is Erin. I'm actually nicknamed Alice where i live, because all my friends adore Twilight, and Alice reminds them of me apparently. I love Jasper. He's my favorite You may know my work from various other places and various names: MissyxPlague: Live Journal, DeviantArt, Twisting the Hellmouth: A Buffy Crossover Archive Erin Hale <3: Jonas Fever Forum poprox'n'coke: Feel free to check out my work, and i have a couple stories in the works that will be up when i finish them. ~Erin =]

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What Hurts The Most Everyone 4.5/5 2 1 Yes 865
Banner Made by me Banner made by me, request if you want one =] A song fic about how Edward felt leaving Bella in New Moon

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