about me: I'm Caitlin,and basicaly i ♥ the twilight series, music, writing, friends, family, and being random. Likes: Seth Clearwater (no i looove him) beaches at sunset Dr.Pepper Writing Drawling Clothes funny people knee-high socks books books books books movies TWILIGHT SERIES (i know i already put in on there but i couldn't resist xD) star wars parties internet my music- which i could never live without. ect. dislikes: people you dislike twilight-i meake exceptions artichokes [except for Robin] Wal-Mart rap and country music- i DO make exceptions on that too mean people pinto beans lima beans homework hot pizza- i like cold pizza drowning car crashes drunk driver disrupters of the peace [exceptions people i DO make exceptions] more about me:in one word: clumsy, instead of having two left feet, i have three xD one last thing: I am an obsessive compolsive reader. When i read something i read it over and over and over and over again. I also love to watch movies based off of books, or a true story. *cough cough* TWILIGHT. Movies like Rebecca (1940 one) Harry Potter (i constantly quote from the movies and teh books, even though they're quite similar) and aslo the Duchess. I LOVED that movie. Oh and i love twilight. When i saw i love twilight, i mean i have had my eyes clued to the computer screen looking up everything i can about it. I've read the books so many times i've lost count. I cried tears of joy when all three movie trailers came out, and i am positive i am not hte only one who did. peace and twilight! Caitlin

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