Please visit our website at and feel free to email us at or We are working on stories outside of fanfiction, and our website is full with info about us and the stories :) curiousatheart (8:12:32 PM): Hey, this is Mashaal, or bleedforyou Lil Beer6 (8:12:48 PM): And this is Abby, aka bloodredskies curiousatheart (8:13:14 PM): is abby short for like, abigail or somtehing? Lil Beer6 (8:13:18 PM): Nope curiousatheart (8:13:18 PM): or is it just Abby Lil Beer6 (8:13:21 PM): just Abby curiousatheart (8:13:23 PM): ok Lil Beer6 (8:13:28 PM): i was named after my grandfather Lil Beer6 (8:13:29 PM): Abba curiousatheart (8:13:29 PM): sorry, random, i know Lil Beer6 (8:13:32 PM): Yup curiousatheart (8:13:32 PM): cool Lil Beer6 (8:13:34 PM): so Any way curiousatheart (8:13:37 PM): anyway Lil Beer6 (8:13:58 PM): We decided to Come up with this account in order to bring you, the reader, our combined stories in the most efficent and effective manner possible curiousatheart (8:14:31 PM): We started out with co-authoring our stories, but then, that got cancelled out this was easier for us curiousatheart (8:15:00 PM): now we can both respond to your reviews and post our own chapters! Lil Beer6 (8:15:46 PM): Which is so much better, cause personally i never like how mashaal replies to reviews for my chaps Lil Beer6 (8:15:48 PM): hehe Lil Beer6 (8:15:49 PM): JK Lil Beer6 (8:15:53 PM): I love you Mashaal Lil Beer6 (8:16:00 PM): (dont kill me in my sleep) curiousatheart (8:16:30 PM): Oh well, I didn't like how Abby replies to mine either *sniff sniff* she doesn't even say thank you right away curiousatheart (8:16:38 PM): u should be nice to people who review curiousatheart (8:16:46 PM): anyHOW Lil Beer6 (8:16:47 PM): Pssh Lil Beer6 (8:16:50 PM): says who curiousatheart (8:17:03 PM): says the most reviewed author on TA curiousatheart (8:17:05 PM): SO HA curiousatheart (8:17:07 PM): AND HA curiousatheart (8:17:08 PM): HAHAHAHA Lil Beer6 (8:17:20 PM): Says top 10 most profilic reviewer Lil Beer6 (8:17:23 PM): HA and HA curiousatheart (8:17:37 PM): ha, you review and i GET reviews Lil Beer6 (8:17:44 PM): dont rub it in curiousatheart (8:17:44 PM): haha curiousatheart (8:17:48 PM): lol, ok curiousatheart (8:17:55 PM): *puppy dog pout* i sowwy Lil Beer6 (8:18:07 PM): It otay Lil Beer6 (8:18:11 PM): so anyhow curiousatheart (8:18:13 PM): right Lil Beer6 (8:18:14 PM): what were we saying curiousatheart (8:18:16 PM): um curiousatheart (8:18:19 PM): ... Lil Beer6 (8:18:30 PM): Well i guess that raps up our Bio then curiousatheart (8:18:31 PM): I think we're telling people why we made a joint account?curiousatheart (8:18:38 PM): NO curiousatheart (8:18:41 PM): it's too short!curiousatheart (8:18:45 PM): it needs to be longer curiousatheart (8:18:48 PM): and more descriptive Lil Beer6 (8:18:50 PM): No it doesnt curiousatheart (8:18:53 PM): yes it does Lil Beer6 (8:18:55 PM): ur just crazy about it curiousatheart (8:19:13 PM): crazy? you're calling ME crazy?
Lil Beer6 (8:19:18 PM): who wants to read a long ass bio about people they dont know curiousatheart (8:19:22 PM): I DO Lil Beer6 (8:19:24 PM): and we already knew you were crazy thats old news curiousatheart (8:19:25 PM): *raises hand* curiousatheart (8:19:38 PM): UGH. i am deeply offended curiousatheart (8:19:42 PM): except that i'm not curiousatheart (8:19:43 PM): but that's ok Lil Beer6 (8:19:54 PM): Yup Lil Beer6 (8:20:01 PM): oh should we mention that we are both 16 Lil Beer6 (8:20:06 PM): and writers outside of TA Lil Beer6 (8:20:07 PM): ?curiousatheart (8:20:26 PM): yes curiousatheart (8:20:42 PM): i'm telling you, let me talk about our favorites and the stuff that's on my bio curiousatheart (8:20:52 PM): i wont make it tooo descriptive, i swear Lil Beer6 (8:20:56 PM): NO Lil Beer6 (8:20:59 PM): itll be forever curiousatheart (8:20:59 PM): pwease? Lil Beer6 (8:21:08 PM): just say a little now on this one curiousatheart (8:21:09 PM): ok, i'll do it later anyway Lil Beer6 (8:21:09 PM): like Lil Beer6 (8:21:15 PM): this Lil Beer6 (8:21:41 PM): So i write Fanfic and im also part of my schools literary magazine, mobius, where i have stories, and poems published Lil Beer6 (8:22:00 PM): I'm also into Photography and am semi-compulsive about my camera Lil Beer6 (8:22:06 PM): see Lil Beer6 (8:22:13 PM): can you do that now Mashaal? curiousatheart (8:22:30 PM): boring. what about your music? books u like? friends? curiousatheart (8:22:34 PM): tid-bits? Lil Beer6 (8:22:52 PM): Music: anything but RAp Lil Beer6 (8:23:01 PM): Books: Anything i can get my hands on Lil Beer6 (8:23:09 PM): Friends: think i'm insane Lil Beer6 (8:23:27 PM): Tid-bits- My first dog looked like a wolf Lil Beer6 (8:23:31 PM): Done Lil Beer6 (8:23:32 PM): happy?curiousatheart (8:23:51 PM): Hmm, I like writing fanfics, and I am the editor-in-chief of my school newspaper, The Zone, and I'm really OCD about little things like grammer, stationary, lights, etc. curiousatheart (8:24:16 PM): I really like digital graphics, because I like fiddling with photos that Abby's awesome camera took curiousatheart (8:24:40 PM): I like ALL kinds of music, and you can see a detailed paragraph on it in my own bio. Lil Beer6 (8:24:48 PM): I named my camera Franklin FYI curiousatheart (8:25:18 PM): I love books because they expand your mind, and I like reading anything, anywhere except biographies...which is a bit ironic, I know curiousatheart (8:25:51 PM): My friends stick to me like peanut butter on the roof of your mouth. They're loud and crazy, but I love 'em. curiousatheart (8:26:45 PM): I'm really into romantics. I love those random lovey dovey moments, and I think everyone who has someone should appreciate it while they have them. curiousatheart (8:26:49 PM): DONE curiousatheart (8:26:51 PM): YAYYY curiousatheart (8:26:59 PM): see, now was that so hard, Abby? Lil Beer6 (8:27:00 PM): FINALLY curiousatheart (8:27:07 PM): shuddup man curiousatheart (8:27:09 PM): lol Lil Beer6 (8:27:32 PM): So yeah Bye everyone who actually read all of this Lil Beer6 (8:27:56 PM): Say goodbye Mashaal curiousatheart (8:28:31 PM): Bye beautiful people! I hope you think we're as interesting as we think we are!

Stories Written (1)

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Ocean Avenue Imprints Teen 5/5 53 10 No 22833
story Love once meant nothing more than chocolate hearts in red boxes, but after a bonfire on the beach, all of that would change. You've read the girl's stories. Now read the boys. What happened to Paul and Embry on that fateful day of Valentine's? Chapter 10 is up and ready to read!!!

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Bonfire Imprints 3.6/5 449 2
This is the series that has sprung forth from Bloodredskies and Bleedforyou's v-day one shot of Paul, Embry, Jake, Mashaal, Kati, and Abby. It currently includes Pack Boys, and Ocean Avenue Imprints