Hi, As Robyn has hinted I am a "fellow twilight obsessee", I just so happen to be the reason behind the others' obsession, and am still trying to come to terms with the fact that I'm mentioned last. ;P I was born in the same place that practically every piece of proper literature written in this language was, (including Bella's favourite - wuthering heights), England. Like Robyn, I believe that the Americans unfairly disregard the "u", a very important vowell, simply because their tongues have difficulty using it... I also have a huge problem trying to work out how a "british accent" should sound. The Scottish have their own accents, as do the Northern Irish and the Welsh (when they're not speaking their own beatiful language), the ENGLISH on the other hand, have no accent, both an American and an English person will speak the language, yet, correct me if I'm wrong, it's called English, therefore the American person speaks with the accent. So, it's "mum", not "mom", and, (on the very rare occasion that we civilised English use it), it's "arse" not "ass". Despite all of these problems, Robyn and I still love Macdonald's, don't we? ;) Oh, and Stephenie Meyer's books of course. Much love, will be writing soon. Hilary

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