k, before i get to the 'hi, howya doin's, i just have to say one thing, get it out to the world-- i am NOT switzerland. now hear me out before you turn away from my stories (story for now...srry bout that) in disgust. yes i am edwards gal. not jacobs. but dont get me wrong, i like jacob, but i love edward. Jake is a better friend for Bella, and i like it that way. alright, now thats done, i would like to say hi howya doin? i am a twilight fan (the first is my fav; i've read it so many times that the spine is broken and ripped and torn. but im sure im not the only one). umm, most of my ideas come from dreams, and they happen usually in the car at night, when returning from a major league baseball game (go Sox!!). i am half asleep, but still able to think coherently. funny eh? here are a few things that i love: TWILIGHT the first, and the rest of the series.REVIEWERSthe color pinkplaying for travel soccer teamskiing in vermont every yearswimming on my swim teamwatching the Sox play baseballwatching the Giants get creamed =) along with those YANKEES!the Beatles, Prima J, Fall Out Boy, PATD, NSYNC Backstreet Boys (back off, dont poke fun lol), Pitbull, The Fray, John Mayer, LifeHouse, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Boys Like Girls, Matchbox 20, Danity Kane, Linkin Park, Three Dog Night (oldies...nice), Sara Barielles, Paramore, Bowling for Soup, the Click Five, Aly & AJ, The Police (Message in a Bottle my fav), Sting, The Foundations, Creedance Clearwater (who'll stop the rain.... hahaha love that song), The Searchers ( LOVE POTION #9) ...and at least a hundred more that i dont feel like typing (and you dont prob feel like reading :)) Secondhand Serenade, Hawthorne Heights, White Tie Affair---gotta love em. so special, they get their own # and of course, red velvet cake and here are a few things i dont like-- steamed brocolliasparagusthe color orangea fork scraping against a china plate--right up there with nails on a chalkboardpeople who chew their gum with their mouth open, like a cowtila tequilaamy winehouse *shivers down spine*YANKEESGIANTSDALLAS COWBOYS CH 3 IS ON ITS WAY!!! okay. so i'm working on this story, called Little Black Box. contrary to what you may believe, this story has little, if anything, to do with a certain ring, a certain proposal, a velvet black it goes deeper than that. Bella goes missing, without a trace or a scent that can lead the Cullens onto a trail to find her. Alice's power does not work. Edward cannot read the kidnapper's mind. so they're all in a little pickle. hold your horses, the little black box comes into play soon. will i tell you? when you read my story. and i've been thinking about writing something that involves all of the Cullens+Bella...and ice. yes, lots and lots of ice...OH! and maybe a surfboard, and a parachute, and--u'll have to wait and see :p lol possible name--Last Human Request(s) and one with emmett on "Cash Cab", and he doesnt know the answers, but actually tries to pay the driver Rosalie's money to stay in the car, cuz it's sunny...yeah. and the Cullens when they realize that they are on the show, 'It Takes A Theif'--the guys there try to break in, and are in for a REAL surprise. mwahahaha. ps--last 2 ideas came from a day of watching the Discovery Channel. check your local listings. hehehe and i've been THINKING about this one... (during/after New Moon)? Bella gets leukimia. And Edward is not there to save her. Basically Bella setting up her own funeral and such. i might make it a tear jerker. not sure if she will live in the end...... i got this idea after watching PS I LOVE YOU, and SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS. thank you for reading my bio and my story(ies).

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Little Black Box Teen 4.5/5 21 2 No 2681
Bella is in some serious trouble (isn't she always?). But this could mean life or death. What started out as a last trip to see Jacob turns into chaos when Bella is abducted by a mysterious stranger. Not only is she gone without a trace, but Alice can't see Bella's future. Edward cannot read the kidnapper's mind. There are no signs of a struggle, only Bella's truck left on the side of the road. The only scent that hovers over the last place Bella was is her own. What will the Cullens do? Will they blame the wolves and start that war? And more importantly, will they find Bella in time? ps--this has little or nothing to do with a certain ring, a certain proposal, a certain velvet ringbox... just read it and you'll see =) thank you all for the reviews! tell me what you think of the story so far, please. thanx! AND MAJOR THANKS TO MY BETA, GABBY, FOR EDITING!

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