Hey, I'm iDream. You can call me Paige though. :] Well, I'm 17 and I looooove to write. It's what I do. I hope that when I get out of school I'll continue writing fictions as a novelist or become a small animal veterinarian. Although, I could always try both. I do a lot of things besides writing. I play the clarinet and I also enjoy track. ^^ It's the best. Just incase you're wondering I run hurdles, long jump, and triple jump in track. Well, that's all for now. I hope you enjoy my fanfiction! -iDream

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Jealousy Everyone 5/5 9 7 No 7557
It seems as though Jacob will never get over Bella. His feelings never change no matter what she or Edward does. Until... a relative of the Clearwater's comes for a visit. Why is Jacob so interested in her? And why does Bella seem so interested in Jacob now? -Chapter FIVE is now up!- I'm a little disappointed at the lack of reviews and comments. :[ Come on guys!

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