I was born in new mexico, but at the age on 2 was moved to Valdosta, Georgia for 8 years. I really miss living there. For the last 4 years i've been living in the west.(I won't give details) my parents are divorced and my escape is twilight. I like rock band(the game), horses, pirates of the caribbean, and of course twilight. My favorite character is Jasper he rocks so don't slam him while around. :) not much to see but I love to draw and write so this website looked great. I got it from chadley.

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Emmett and the Aston Martin Teen 5/5 14 2 No 1345
What would happen if Emmett accidently crashed Edwards Aston Martin?
Limitations Everyone 5/5 4 1 No 507
Jaspers POV on seeing bella for the first time. ONE SHOT CULLEN CHALLENGE.
The Wedding Ring Teen 5/5 8 1 No 655
The day Bella finally decides to tell the world about thier engagment he reachs in his pocket to get the special ring.....but it's not there. Can Edward find it?

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