†Oh, but darkness is where we shall make our sweet memories.Of love. Of Passion. Of Unspeakable magics, that will consume us as a hunter consumes his life with that of his foresaken persuit to kill what he lusts to kill. Oh! And we shall know happiness. Shall be adorned in great sorrow for a time. But only for a time. And when darkness comes upon us, we shall have our love. Our Passion. Our unspeakable magic. A magic that no soul on this earth shall know, but we two. And our souls. And our heart. Oh, the Magic!†™

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Inevitable Everyone 5/5 14 2 No 1500
Bella & Edward continue fighting the odds, including surprise vists from unwanted guests, and a surprise set-up by Charlie.
Until Life Do You Part? Teen 5/5 2 1 No 1064
Adeline Matrin was just a regular girl. She lead a regular life and had regular friends. So, why did things change? Was it her dad's marriage to Marie Stanly? Or was it moving to her Mom's in Colorado, and meeting Alec? There was something about Alec and his family. Something strange. And yet, beautiful. And Adeline was going to experiance it first hand.

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