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I'm from Trinidad (a beautiful island in the Caribbean if i may say so myslef ;] ) i love to read and listen to music among other things :) i found New Moon one day when i went to the book store while may sister was having an eyetest after that i fell in love with the books and just had to read more...... so here i am..... :) My favourite chracter is Edward.... though i have a thing for Jasper... my favourite book in the saga is Eclipse, i think it had the best parts of the seris there.

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A change of heart; Edward's New Moon Adult 3.6/5 28 7 No 7690

A change of heart Banner done by the wounderful Eternitys_Charm After Edward is saved by Bella in New Moon, she leaves him for Jacob.... How does Edward cope with losing his love..... we shall see
Edwards POVThis is NOT a Jacob/Bella story, it's primarily Edward

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