Hello, I am Anna. I love walking on the beach, hanging out with friends, going places, and aimlessly walking throughout town. I love to use big words and talk formally--mostly to act like Edward Cullen. I tend to reference Twilight characters in everday conversation, whether the person is an avid reader or not. Haha. I laugh alot, and I love to make jokes. According to friends and family, I'm the funniest person they know. I love animals and I have two dogs. I recently lost a cat, but I still own one. My family and friends are my life. Amazingly, I still do well in school, seeing as I spend a lot of the time on the computer. I talk a lot over MySpace and AIM, although I keep up with my email.
I love reading and writing, and I normally come home and sit down and write. I have written numerous fan fictions, but only a few are good. I write other non-fiction stories, and I have a favorite book series:
Twilight. Stephenie Meyer is my ultimate hero, and I look forward to the Twilight movie, and to the release of Breaking Dawn. If there is anything else you would like to know, I am up for talking. :D -Anna.

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Heaven and Back Everyone 5/5 4 2 No 1621
CHOICE SPOILERS! Reading 'Choice' by Edwards Rose is probably a good idea. This story uses the character 'Meg' from it.
It takes place as if Jane had never taken Megan from her parents, but had still wanted revenge. Basically, the title tells it all. Feedback is wanted and appreciated.[:

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