Hi, I'm Merel, and I'm from Holland. I'm sixteen years old. I live in Uithoorn, a town just half an hour from Amsterdam. I've written one story till now, Red Orchid.
It's not yet finished, and I'm suffering from a huge writersblock at the moment... That's because my story is post-New Moon, and I just read Eclipse, which I think by the way is the best book ever... Well please read my story, maybe I'll start another one soon that's post-Eclipse.

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Red Orchid Everyone 4/5 62 8 No 15698
This story is about Bella and Edward. How surprising.

Is Bella being changed?

Is she be losing someone dear to her?

Is Victoria causing any more trouble?

And what's with that strange room with the throne that keeps showing up in Alice's visions.. Does it actually exist or is Alice being deceived?

It all depends on Bella's future.
Fortunately Alice can foresee what will be happening.
But what will happen when that future suddenly isn't that clear anymore? Visions are changing and Alice is losing her confidence in what she's seeing. It has to make sense doesn't it?

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