Hey i'm Giselle. i'm an avid obsesser and Twilight has been my drug of choice since last year. I mostly write (songs, poetry, screenplays, and fiction) and i sketch, play guitar and sing (badly and to myself). i'm 15, currently. favourite novels: Twilight series (c'mon, did i even have to put that in here?) Green Angel, the Reluctant Fundementalist, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, Fight Club, I Just Want my Pants Back, Neverwhere, Perfume, This Lullaby and i'm sure a bunch more. and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. i've been obsessed with anything "vampire" related since i was 8. theyre just so damn sexy. my main love is film, though. i love Fight Club, the painted veil, big fish, the phantom of the opera, moulin rouge, stardust, perfume, before sunrise, after sunset, amelie, juno trainspotting and more. er, i live and breathe As Cities Burn, Lydia, and Brand New. i just started this crazy world of actually Writing the fanfiction so lets see where the hell this goes...

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Basement Ghost Singing Teen 5/5 16 2 No 2797
After an increasingly intense night together, Edward concludes that it would be safer if his and Bella's relationship wasn't a physical one. But instead of the intensity dimming with the lack of contact, it becomes even more unbearable to withstand. I'm keeping this in Teen right now, I don't really know the restrictions between Teen and Adult, though.

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