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Well, im not much of a writer but some of my firends seem to like my stuff... so im trying this out! so far i only have a one shot story.. i think i might add more to it but, idk. well me. i play piano and violin. thats kinda what id like to do for a living when im older, but i need a good college. I love to doodle. my math and history notebook it full of faces, roses, hearts, and tons of other stuff. I water piant a bit, but it needs impovement. Im an A student. if u see someone named MayaWolf... shes a best friend of mine. some of my fav. books are -of course- twilight and new moon, Eragon and Eldest, the harry potter series and anything sci fi/ romance/ action/ horror. I like varity! I read Romeo and juliet right after New moon... just to understand it better. And or course.. im a red head. LOL! well, idk wat else to say.. THATS ME!update: i have user and Forums... theres some cool people on thier. MayaWolf has one too. We sometimes get a little crazy though!

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And We Loved, With A Love.... That Was More Than Love Everyone 4/5 16 1 Yes 508
Bella and Edward..... they'll always love each other and never stop.
A Story Of "What If's" Teen 4.5/5 40 2 No 979
This is still in the produce of revision. And it might take awhile (Im always bussy) so Ill just put it up. One hint: Edward almost goes to far.

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