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beautiful soul Teen 5/5 142 8 Yes 26268
Bella has finally realized she is terrified to become a vampire. She is leaving to think over what she really wants her life with Edward to be. Bella does go away, but she finds out a secret about Edward that takes her far from Forks. Can Bella solve the mystery about his past and take away Edward's demons? If so, they could really be truly happy. The first chapter is a bit slow - stick with it - it gets better - I promise! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THIS IS OFFICIALLY THE LAST CHAPTER. I HAVE ALSO WRITTEN AN EPILOGUE HOW WILL EDWARD REACT WHEN BELLA TELLS HIM ABOUT HER DREAM AND SEEING ELISABETH? THANK YOU TO ALL WHO READ MY STORY - THANK YOU ESPECIALLY FOR YOUR REVIEWS!
Coming Back to You Teen 5/5 340 9 Yes 18482
Edward isn't able to stay away. He comes back after 6 1/2 months, before Bella jumped. But, when he comes into Bella's room in the night, someone else is already there! CHAPTER EIGHT - LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!!CHAPTER NINE - EPILOGUE
My Power Everyone 4.5/5 73 1 Yes 1597
Bella is writing in her diary. She has been a vampire for a year, and has just discovered her power. . . and she is afraid. This is a one-shot.
Coming Back To You - THE SEQUEL Teen 5/5 304 14 Yes 44012
Do you remember the battle between Edward, his family and all the werewolves? Do you remember who jumped off the cliff together? Do you remember who died in the explosion? Well, now Bella is determined to make things right with Jake - will Bella's insistence at keeping Jake close drive Edward away? Will the werewolves ultimately take away everything Bella cherishes? RESULTS - THANKS GUYS!! READ "COMING BACK TO YOU" FIRST!
LOST Teen 5/5 733 16 Yes 80887
Edward never came back. Seven years later, Bella is a tough, heartless corporate girl in New York City. She has taken down many businesses and never lost. Now, she is about to take down C-CORP. Who is the mysterious owner? Who is "C"? She will find out, and she will destroy him. Who is the monster now? Can she be saved? The story is done. I will update everyday! THIS IS IT GUYS! THE LAST CHAPTER AND EPILOGUE! (SNIFF)
LOST 2 Teen 5/5 253 16 Yes 73591
I'M BACK AFTER A LONG DELAY! THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO LOST. THESE ARE MY AWARDS FOR LOST:#1 MOST FAVORITE STORY AND HAS BEEN SINCE OCTOBER 2007! #3 MOST READ #7 MOST REVIEWED Summary: Simmons is introduced to a certain female vampire that we all know. He has been a player, but what happens when he meets her? ~~~~~~LAST CHAPTER AND EPILOGUE~~~~~~~ Chapter 15:MAGNIFICENTChapter 16:(EPILOGUE) HEADLINE

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