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HEY!! I'm English and I'm also a weird English person which doesn't help anybody trying to make heads nor tails of anything I say! ;D I like writing, but I dont know if I'll be any good at fanfics! Hope you'll all tell me! And if you need a beta, I'm here for you!! I'd love to read and edit your stories for you!

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The End of Eternity? Everyone 5/5 7 3 No 6100
This brilliant banner was done by the amazing talent of Japanezegurl! What do you do when forever and ever could end? Bella is a happy girl; she has a great family and group of friends and she has also found the love of her life – the rarest luxury in the world; and she is about to spend eternity with him. But will everything turn out as the fairytale it seems? *None of the characters belong to me, they are all the amazing invention of Stephenie Meyer, I am just the usual crazed teen!*

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