Hi! My name is Alyssabeth and I luv twilight series propbably as much as you do!I also love to write and when I first went on here and saw the stories, I knew I was in "Twilight Heaven"
But it'd only be Heaven with Edward....

~~~~The one and only!!~~~~~~~~mwah! Comments?Questions?Ideas? Contact me! I love and appreciate all of your ideas! Okay kiddies, I am back now, forever! :))

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Crescent Moon Teen 5/5 10 1 No 950
Ok, so it was all a dream. After getting back home to Forks, Bella and Edward got married, but Bella didn’t become a vampire until after the birth of their half-Human, half- Vampire daughter, Adelina Jacqueline Cullen.The odd birthmark on Addy Cullen contains the secret of unlocking the feud between werewolves and vampires

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