Born in September 19, 1995, in Monyerrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, i have alwas liked to write. I wrote my first original story, "The Sun Flower" at the age of 9 years old. Actually i have many Pennames. Maybe, those who speak spanish, recognize me as "GiinyPotter" in the community fanfic.es, "LunaLoOvegood.* in the HarryPotter.Charminday foro, as well as some of mi fanfictions of Harry Potter, "Amor a la Weasley", "Blow a kiss", or maybe "Confundidos". Mi most famous fanfiction as far, is the "Amor a la weasley" one, available only in Spanish. My pasion for vampires grew when i first read Twilight. And that´s what i am here, to prove myself that i can write and languages aren´t a problem.

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How many times have you kissed? Teen 4/5 9 3 No 2169
Edward Cullen, the master, the playboy, the hottest, and the most gorgeous boy in the Taylor High Academy is what EVERY girl ask to life. What happens when the beautiful Isabella Swan arrives to her new school, and meets him? ALL HUMAN My first fic. Hope you like it!

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