i am a HUGE Twilight fan! i have been since my friend practically forced me to read the books i'm ashamed to say, but thanks girl! stephenie meyer has been my favorite author since i read the first chapter of Twilight. while i think the Host is another great book, the Twilight series is my number one favorite story by stephenie and of all time. i'm an avid reader/writer/ice hockey goalie and that's basically my life's story in five words. i have my own mini library in my room that keeps growing. some of my favorites-other than the twilight series and the host- are the eragon series by christopher paolini, the amaranth enchantment by julie berry, carribean crusing by rachel hawthorne, to catch a pirate by jade parker, plus tons of others! if any one has any recomendations please share! also if anyone wants a beta reader you can ask me! i love reading stories and putting my opinion into them.

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