'm Delia I smile at people. I'm in Charmingal's story and Tatashi's abit so look out for me. ok? any way i like writeing but i cant spell so bear with m......Look a butterfly!!! )l( stuff happens.... charmingal writes about us.... Tasha gets high... i d.... flutterby! anyway .... no spoilers for you! read her story your self! feel free to mail me. im a evil lovely person! =)

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Dreaming/ Dream on~ Dreamer style... Everyone 5/5 21 6 No 3650
Delia now has her own point of view now! origins from Charmingal's: Dreaming With Tolley, hilry, lex and looney already in forks. Delia, Catkin and Tasha set off to meet them. but nothing is EVER simple is it? no. WARNING: may contain traces of vampire, wearwolf, phycologicaly scared/insane characters and moonsugar!

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