Okay, I'm a southern girl from Texas and Oklahoma (we moved) and yes, I'm partial to my hick side. But to protect it, I'm not stupid, I'm bright (I think). This is my first time writin' fanficts. Yes, I know my bio sounds totally different from my stories, but that's cuz I write my stories different from personal stuff. I do volleyball, basketball, tennis, and cross country. Other extra-curricular(sp) stuff I do is Honor Society and Academic Team (told ya I wasn't stupid). So enjoy my stories. I just started so there may be only the one for the July contest. Also, review's are appreciated. Sorry all ya'll Jacob or Edward lovers. I'm Switzerland. Except I don't have'ta make a choice like Bella. I write stories for both teams. :) Last but not least, WARNING: my work may suck considering this is my first time. So review so I can make them unsucky.

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Just some fluff I wrote when I had gotten bored earlier. Let's see how far we can push poor Edward. ;)

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